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<span class="capital">N</span>o blame. <span class="capital">N</span>o shame. <span class="capital">S</span>urviving suicide loss.

No blame. No shame. Surviving suicide loss.

Losing someone close through suicide is a devastating experience and can be overwhelming and incomprehensible. While grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one, it may be particularly complex in the case of suicide when the death may have come without warning. Grief can be complicated by feelings of regret about things done or not done while the person was alive, or of anger and disbelief that there was no chance to say goodbye. This Forum explores what it means to experience, and survive, the loss of someone close through suicide.

Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and GriefLink.
Access video, click here

This forum was held on Thursday 28 November, 6pm – 7.30pm 
BH2-09, Barbara Hanrahan Building

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