The owners of GriefLink recognise it is very important to preserve the privacy of all visitors to the site. GriefLink does not collect personal information about its visitors nor does it use ‘cookies’. However the server of the machine you use to access the internet may be identified. Also your name, contact details and certain other information may be requested on some forms and may accompany any emails you send us.

The owners of GriefLink will preserve the privacy of this information and will not disclose or publish any personal information which can identify the individual. This information will remain confidential to the owners and operators of GriefLink. Email addresses will only be used to reply to you and not recorded for other purposes or revealed to any other party without your permission. However GriefLink may publish non-identifying compiled statistical information about visitors.

Should it come to the attention of GriefLink that a visitor is in serious danger, the right is reserved to disclose personal details without consent for the purposes of assisting that person. GriefLink also reserves the right to gather more extensive information should an issue of serious security, such as hacking, come to our attention.